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Our diocesan work with refugees is dynamic and diversified as we try to respond to specific needs of those who are forcibly displaced.

When there is an emergency, such as the current situation in Afghanistan, we liaise with foodbanks, clothes banks, toddlers’ banks, and other agencies to jointly provide for what is needed.

Food, clothes, toys and toiletries are very important necessities preserving the dignity of people. However, how can we best respond to the spiritual needs of evacuees, asylum seekers and refugees? In the economy of solidarity and support, we have created a Prayerbank.

Our Diocesan Prayerbank aims to offer a personalised space for spiritual healing and comfort for evacuees, refugees, and asylum seekers. It allows for a space where prayers are offered and received.

We hope that it will be comforting for newcomers, whose home is no more and whose future feels so uncertain, to find rest in a prayer that someone has written for them. We also think that it will be wonderful for someone with a prayer to give to provide a space for the prayer to be found.

The Prayerbank might also be very helpful in times of tension and discouragement for those in our parishes working with refugees and the marginalised. It will remind us that we are not alone.

We are calling for prayers coming from anyone and anywhere in our Church family. Prayers for children and young people are so desperately needed

Please send your prayers to Domenica, your Kent Refugee Officer at

When sending your prayer, you can include your first name and the name of your parish. If you are sending the prayer of a child, please only include their first name and age.

Prayers will be appear below and the link ( be shared routinely to reach as many people as possible.

Thank you!


An Advent Prayer for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Incarnate loving Jesus, born as a refugee,
Grant us your gifts of compassion and welcome
For the homeless and hungry who have fled from oppression, war, and danger.
Help us to overcome fear and prejudice that we may share the abundance of your generosity
With strangers seeking refuge and asylum.
Bless the work of diocesan refugee workers
That the light of your love may be known to all this Christmastide.

I would love the Diocese to pray for all those who are forced to leave their countries, and for all the countries who receive them; that this may be a blessing.
Pray to have the courage to witness our Lord Jesus in welcoming the stranger.
Pray to have Jesus’ heart, and experience such love, strong and pure, regardless of gratitude, of what we think is deservedness.
Pray to remember that this is how Jesus loved us on the cross and forever.
Pray to keep our hearts alive and warm to witness the miracle of love where it’s not expected.

Almighty and Merciful God,
You that are the Father,
And have experienced hate and mistrust upon your Son,
Please grant us an understanding heart;
We pray for refugees, asylum seekers and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children;
Bless those whose home is no more,
And those who welcome the stranger as their own;
Lord of Light,
You are the One and only who truly knows the limits of the mind;
Help us shine from within.
Let us be the tiny matches carrying your light where we see darkness;
And lead us in simplicity with others; through Jesus Christ our Lord.