Everyday Faith

Our diocesan vision is of Changed Lives → Changing Lives. This focusses us on the life-changing love of Christ which we have experienced, and points us outward to consider how we can make that love real for others.

At its simplest, talking about our faith is all about ‘noticing’ and ‘naming’.

  1. Noticing – what God is saying, what God is doing, when we’ve been aware of God’s presence.
  2. Naming – speaking what we’ve noticed out loud to another person.

What if we could get used to noticing and naming what God is doing, then talk about it with all kinds of people: everyone from the person sitting next to us at church to the person who has no idea we even have a faith?

What can we do to help develop the habit of noticing and naming, in our own lives and in our church communities?

If you want to develop a habit, you first need a practice – something you commit to doing regularly until it becomes second nature.

Practices to help develop habits of noticing and naming

These aren’t the only practices we can use, but they are simple, accessible, tried-and-tested ways to help individuals and congregations notice the presence and work of God in the world, then talk about it with confidence and joy.

Background information and further resources

Changing Lives Conversations

A practice which helps us form the habit of noticing what God is doing in our own lives, then naming it to someone else, so that we grow in confidence in talking about our experience of God with each other in church, in our work places, school playgrounds and shops, with our neighbours, friends and colleagues.

changed lives changing lives.png

Dwelling in the Word

A practice which helps us form the habit of noticing what God is saying through the Bible and naming it to one another, that we might all be enriched.


Announcing the Kingdom

A practice which helps us form the habit of noticing the presence and work of God in our world, then talking about it to others.

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