Growing Faith

Canterbury Diocese is proud to endorse and be a part of the Growing Faith Adventure. An initiative from the national church, looking to change the culture of our faith, Growing Faith seeks to ask the question, what if the 3 spheres of Church, School and Household worked together to bring about spiritual experiences and opportunities to ask questions for our nation's children.

All three spheres are present to a greater or lesser extent already in the life of our children. Some Children attend Church Schools, others may attend community schools but have great links with their local Church. Some churches already cater well for the children in their congregations and see them as fellow pilgrims, others desire to see children grow in faith but might not know how. For all children, regardless of the faith of their home, it is often the place where wondering questions are asked. And all these spheres overlap too, and some in faith based ways, but what would happen if we could ensure that all 3 overlapped?

As part of this Growing Faith Adventure in our diocese, we are committed to this journey and to wherever it may take us putting over the lens of every diocesan decision the lens of ‘what will this mean for Children and Young People?’
Every diocese has been asked to nominate people to champion the Growing Faith Adventure, and in our diocese these are The Venerable Jo Kelly-Moore (Archdeacon of Canterbury) and Canon Quentin Roper (Director of Education).

As projects progress across the diocese more will be updated here but so far we have been really pleased to see links being made across the different spheres in our Youth Hub, School Chaplaincies and Blend.