Parish Support

Our parishes are our frontline - where worship, mission, ministry and pastoral support become real for people in communities across Kent. Check pout the sections below and to your right to access resources and support.

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Guidance, Forms & fees

Guidance, forms, templates and notes relating to ministry, buildings, safeguarding, finance and parish life are all listed here.


Chess boardParish Officers

Church and community life across our diocese is made possible thanks to our amazing parish officers, who keep the lights on, keep things running, manage our resources and enrich our ministry. Click here if that's you

Image of a compass on a tree stumpPastoral Reorganisation

Pastoral Reorganisation refers to the processes that occur when those proposals require legal changes such as re-drawing of parish boundaries, or the re-configuration of parishes to modify the benefice structure. Find out more here

Money tumbling out of a jarGenerosity and Generous Giving

Generosity is a whole way of being that is at the core of our faith. It extends far beyond being generous with our money. It’s about focusing on God’s mission, building relationships and discipling people on the journey. Find out more here


Church Property

Care and maintenance of all the churches and buildings within the Diocese is of great importance; for those who worship there now, the wider community and for the future. Find out more here

Clergy Housing

Get all the information, contacts and support you need to help maintain clergy housing here


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