Aquila Trust

Aquila is the Diocese of Canterbury’s Multi-Academy Trust Limited, and was incorporated as a charitable company limited by guarantee in May 2014 (Company number 09035788).

The trust has been imagined and planned to enable flexibility and responsiveness to local context and needs; organisational substructures will evolve as appropriate, influenced by geography, existing collaborative networks and the pace of academy conversions.

The Trusts Articles support a model which can unleash potential, enabling us to:

  • deliver positive, immediate support and interventions through our own expertise and established consultant partners, as well as wider regional connections
  • enhance learning and teaching by engaging in collaborative pedagogical projects, action research and professional development with Christ Church University
  • encourage and nurture the dissemination of good practice and promote mutual accountability
  • enable focused, effective local governance and secure options for centralised functions and  economies of scale
  • incorporate community as well as church schools

The Trust has a track record in developing and supporting the schools that it works with. This has meant positive inspections in both Ofsted and SIAMs for many of its members. We are always looking to engage with new members who share our vision and can support the development of the trust through their unique contributions. To find out more please click our logo/the link to the side of this page.

Visit the Aquila website

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