Safeguarding Leaders Training

This training is completed via a learning management system called Moodle where workbooks, coursework, Zoom links, case study and certificates are accessed. 

  1. Go to the CofE Training Portal
  2. Register or login on the portal if you have not already done so (if you have already completed Basic and Foundation training, you will already have an account on the Portal). You will need your previous username and password
  3. Click on ‘online courses’ where you will see the 'All Courses' screen
  4. Click on the Courses tab/Core Pathways/Leadership to reach 'Canterbury' 
  5. Click on ‘enrol me’, then we will email you as soon as possible to confirm your enrolment
  6. Click on ‘Preparing to Learn’
  7. Click on ‘choose a learning group’ – choose a date that suits your diary, make a note of the 2 dates and time (via Zoom only)
  8. Click on ‘Preparation Task’
  9. Complete the written and reading tasks listed on this page. Once you have completed all of the sections, use the button 'submit' to finish this section, you will not be able to join the first Zoom session until this is done
  10. Join the first Zoom Groupwork session on the date you have chosen using the button with the Zoom link shown on the portal
  11. Between the first and second sessions, complete the coursework task via the portal and complete the questions, use the 'submit' button to complete this section, you need to do this via the portal in order to join Zoom session 2
  12. Join the second Zoom Groupwork session for the 2nd session of your module 
  13. Complete the final evaluation and 'submit assignment' 
  14. You will receive an email to say that your certificate is available in your profile once the Tutor has marked all parts of your participation as complete.




Page last updated: Friday 9th February 2024 12:26 PM
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