Novena 2024 coverA ‘novena’ is an ancient Christian tradition – it’s a nine-day period of prayer that traditionally falls between Ascension (when Jesus physically departed earth for heaven) and Pentecost (when the first disciples were gifted with the presence of the Holy Spirit. It marks a time when Jesus’ disciples are said to have prayed constantly – stuck in an ‘in-between place’, waiting to see what God would do next.

The 2024 Novena is now available, along with all sorts of other prayer resources for Thy Kingdom Come.

You can download the Daily Waitings in various formats below.


Novena 2020

Artwork by Mark Cazalet


Novena 2019

Artwork by Celia Hyland


Novena 2018

Artwork by Ian Pentney


Novena 2017

Artwork by Caleb Simmonds

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