Nine Days of Prayer – Conversations in the ‘in-between’

May 26th – June 3rd 2017

Using the provocative and striking artwork of Canterbury based Christian artist Caleb Simmons, we wait and pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

The Nine Days of Prayer this year focuses on nine Biblical stories in which people find themselves in an ‘in-between’ place. The familiar characters find themselves in the middle spaces between despair and thanksgiving; between endings and beginnings; between the known and the unknown; between seeing and knowing. How do they journey through the in-between? How do we?

These stories and their images will be the springboards for our Novena prayer through the nine days. The daily pocket prayer images and Daily Waiting liturgies invite us to be ready for unexpected grace, and to receive the Holy Spirit afresh.

As usual, the Pocket Prayers – small booklets for personal and group use – are being produced free of charge for all parishes and will be available for collection by clergy at the Chrism Eucharist Services at Canterbury Cathedral on 11th and 13th April. If these are not collected then delivery or pick up will be arranged with parish clergy. We will use your usual Sunday attendance figures to calculate how many Pocket Prayers you will need unless otherwise notified. If you know of people or groups outside of Canterbury diocese who wish to join in, Pocket Prayers are available to be purchased through the CPO website from April.


Thy Kingdom Come: the Archbishops’ Call to Prayer

We are excited that Thy Kingdom Come, the Archbishops’ Call to Prayer, is running again in 2017 during the nine days of prayer – more information here. On 3 June Canterbury Cathedral will be hosting a Thy Kingdom Come ‘Beacon’ event where people will pray for the renewal of the Holy Spirit. Tickets can be obtained from here.

The Novena Team

  • Caleb Simmons – Novena artist, you can see Caleb’s work at
  • Anna Drew – Communications Director and author of Daily Waiting reflection for day 9.
  • Judith Dimond – author of Daily Waiting reflections for days 4 and 7.
  • Peter Ingrams – convenor of the Novena group and author of Daily Waiting reflection for day 1.
  • Ivan Khovacs – author of Daily Waiting reflection for day 6 and 8.
  • Ronni Lamont – author of the Novena for Families materials.
  • Sarah Lucas – Novena Coordinator.
  • Marilyn Shrimpton – designer of Pocket Prayers and resources
  • Joss Walker – author of the daily collects and Daily Waiting reflections for days 2 and 5.
  • Holly Adams – author of Daily Waiting reflection for day 3.