Generosity and Stewardship

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life."
John 3:16         

Often people think that stewardship involves asking the congregation for money every so often – particularly if there is a financial crisis in the parish. However, there is much more to stewardship than money. Everything we have comes from God – our families and friends, the world we live in, all our possessions and money as well.  God even gave his own son, so that we can live.

Stewardship isn’t about money - it's about generosity, it's about faith and it's about discipleship.

A right response to God’s generosity is to say 'thank you', to nurture the gifts we've been given and to give something back to God, to our neighbours, communities and environment. Generosity is rooted in our relationship with one another and with God, and our generosity gives everyone an opportunity to share in the mission of Christ and the ministry which supports that mission.

Encouraging Giving

We really want people to give to our churches as part of a loving and cheerful response to all that we have been given by God.  In reality, however, many people will give money to the church because they believe their money will be well used.  They will understand that their gift to the church makes a difference.  If your church has robust and well-received mission plans, which you have communicated effectively to the church family, your people are more likely to think their gift will make that difference, and more likely to trust you with their time, energy and money.

People also give because they are part of something – they feel they belong, and giving helps cement that feeling.

We can work with your parish to encourage generosity.  We run effective financial giving campaigns, and can advise on annual stewardship renewals.  We are also here to support you as you think about how you can become a more generous church, and also grow your income.

Stewardship of the Environment

Another way in which we can be generous is through the way we care for our world. We believe that God gave us responsibility to nurture creation, to care for it and to use it wisely.  Everything comes from God and everything belongs to God. We are given everything we need.  We can use the resources of our planet for our needs, but as the earth belongs to God, we are called to respect it, thanking God by looking after what we have been given.

Find out more about our diocesan committment to caring for creation - and how you get get involved - here

Get Support

Liz Mullins is our Stewardship and Funding Adviser.  Please don't heistate to get in touch with her for anything related to generosity and stewardship:

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