The King’s Singers sing at Goudhurst

One of the world’s best known and most loved singing groups gave the opening concert of their new season.

World renowned group, The King’s Singers, sing at Goudhurst Church

On Tuesday 21 September, one of the world’s best known and most loved singing groups, The King’s Singers, gave the opening concert of their new season at St Mary’s Church, Goudhurst. In front of a packed audience, they sang a glorious mix of classical and popular songs, including The Beatles’ Penny Lane and pieces by Debussy, Cole Porter and George Gershwin.

The concert was put on to raise funds for local support for unaccompanied children seeking
asylum in this country. St Mary’s Church, Goudhurst is involved with a number of groups –
particularly Kent Kindness – who are teaching English and basic life skills to the teenagers who have
arrived in Kent without any adult care. St Mary’s hopes to raise more than £5000 from the evening,
all of which will go towards this work, which includes distributing basic clothing, as well as funding
projects that help them settle into life in this country, very often after horrendous experiences in
the places they have fled from.

Dr Ana Draper, Project Lead for local NHS services supporting these youngsters, spoke at the
concert about a ‘Sleep Pack’ that she has developed with funding from St Mary’s. She explained
how the youngsters often arrive here with seriously disordered sleep patterns, having travelled for
many months at night, sleeping during the day. The Sleep Packs help the teenagers return to a
normal pattern of rest. Dr Draper explained how simple, easily funded projects like this can make
a world of difference to the youngsters.

Revd Hugh Nelson, Vicar of St Mary’s, Goudhurst, said ‘Jesus was a child refugee – forced to flee
persecution and violence – and the church has long had a particular care for people who have had
to leave their homes to find safety. Supporting those seeking safety today, and especially children
who arrive here without their parents or family, is therefore part of the church’s DNA. We are so
grateful to The King’s Singers for offering their incredible talent to such a wonderful cause and we
look forward to spending the money that has been raised.’

To find out more about local support for unaccompanied asylum seeking children, and how you can
help, go to

For more information please contact: Revd Hugh Nelson, Vicar of Goudhurst Church   01580 211739 / 07981 353064

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