Diocesan Synod Results

Please select your Deanery from the list below to see the candidates elected to Diocesan Synod.


Name House
David John Adlington Clergy
Andrew Collie Laity
Alan French Laity
Colin Johnson Laity

East Bridge

Name House
Christine Margaret Wilkinson Clergy
Ann Foat Laity
Michael Gallagher Laity
Judith Rigby Laity

Romney and Tenterden

Name House
Patricia Lily Margaret Fogden Clergy
Simon Foulkes Clergy
Lindsay John Hammond Clergy
Susan Jane Wharton Clergy
Michael Barclay Laity
Terry Hayes Laity
Nicholas Hudd Laity


Name House
Andrew James Bawtree Clergy
John Anthony Patrick Walker Clergy
Graham Snellin Laity
Barbara Wells Laity


Name House
Joyce Heather Addison Clergy
Christopher Halstead Key Clergy
Frederika Catchpole Laity
Robin Fassenfelt Laity
Karen Sanders Laity


Name House
Sheila Margaret Cox Clergy
Christopher Thomas Alan Hodgkins Clergy
John Christopher Newman MacKenzie Clergy
Dawn Caroline Stamper Clergy
Robert Price Weldon Clergy
Charlotte Coles Laity
Jill Humphreys Laity
Shirley Leslie Laity


Name House
Jean Burrows Clergy
Simon David Rowlands Clergy
Marianne Hambrook Laity


Name House
Lesley Marie Jones Clergy
Jacqueline Dyson Laity
David Gilbert Laity
Barbara O’Doherty Laity
Valerie Mary Smith Laity

North Downs

Name House
John Corbyn Clergy
Alan Edward Pinnegar Clergy
Molly Poulter Laity
Peter Reid Laity
Margaret Skew Laity


Name House
Dorian Frederick Olney Clergy
Silke Tetzlaff Clergy
Linda Hastie Laity
Valerie Wallis Laity


Name House
Andrew Richard Braddy Clergy
Kenneth Ian Royston Cox Clergy
Patrick Leon Shane Ellisdon Clergy
Ian Andrew Jacobson Clergy
Stephen Gordon Rae Clergy
John Stephen Richardson Clergy
Paul Robert Worledge Clergy
Denise Linda Yeldham Clergy
Ann Friedlos Laity
Audrey Morris Laity
Tammy Stewart-Jones Laity
Gillian Trumble Laity


Name House
Robert Britnell Laity
Harry Macdonald Laity
Rosemary Walters Laity

West Bridge

Name House
Susan Anne Starkings Clergy
Leonard Budd Laity


Name House
Eileen Sylvia Lander Clergy
Christopher Gavin Maclean Clergy
Catherine Sigrist Clergy
Christopher Spencer Clergy
Robert Stevenson Clergy
Peter Gibson Laity
Martin Porter Laity


Name House
Stephen John Coneys Clergy
Anthony Everett Clergy
Simon Tillotson Clergy
David Clippingdale Laity
Nigel Durrant Laity
Susan Durrant Laity
Lynda Kemp Laity