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The Canterbury Pilgrim Prayer Pack

…A new resource to support and encourage different ways of praying…

The Canterbury Pilgrim Prayer Pack is a new resource to support and encourage different ways of praying. The resource is friendly and flexible and offers a selection of ways of praying that people have found helpful in deepening their conversations and relationship with God.

How it works

Experience has shown that this resource is most appreciated when:

  • Time is allocated to introduce one of the particular ways of praying to a group of people: 1½ hours gives time to introduce the way of praying; time to experience this way of praying and time to share thoughts with others.
  • Listening to God in Silence and Stillness is chosen as the first prayer experience as it is the foundation for all the others.
  • Participants take home session leaflets to practice each way of praying.

The sessions you can choose from are:

  1. Listening to God in Silence and Stillness (recommended starting session)
  2. Bringing your Concerns into Prayer
  3. God in my day – Review
  4. Multi-sensory prayer – using images and symbols
  5. Multi-sensory prayer – using your own creativity
  6. Praying with music
  7. Praying with the Bible – Words and Phrases
  8. Praying with the Bible – Imagination
  9. Praying with the five senses
  10. Praying with a labyrinth

You can choose from the following 3 options:

  1. Come and pray… you are invited to refresh the ways in which you pray and find out more about this new prayer resource.. These gentle introductions to praying in different ways are open to all.  Please book so that we can prepare enough materials for everyone.
  2. Invite an experienced Prayer Pack Facilitator into your community to lead a group and enable them to experience some different ways of praying. These facilitators have been trained in leading these sessions. Contact Barbara Wallace to see if there is a facilitator available in your area. The only cost to you is the printing of the handouts.
  3. Training in leading these sessions can be arranged for your Deanery. Deaneries can choose the ways of praying they would like to explore and select the people they would like to be trained in leading those sessions. To discuss your training needs please contact Barbara Wallace.

Each of these exploratory sessions on ways of praying can be adapted to meet the needs of particular groups and situations.

For more information please contact: Barbara Wallace, Prayer Pack Co-ordinator,

Useful links and downloadable resources

Colouring: colouring has become very popular in recent years. The act of colouring can aid contemplation and reflection. Revd Lesley Jones from All Saint’s in Murston has designed these beautiful drawings, each based on a biblical text, which are available to colour.