Results of Triennial Elections

First published on: 15th December 2015
New Memberships declared for Archbishop’s Council and Vacancy in See Committee effective 1 January 2016.

Following the recent Triennial Elections  to the Diocesan Groups we are pleased to announce the new Archbishop’s Council and Vacancy in See Committee Membership with effect from 1 January 2016.

[expand title="ARCHBISHOP’S COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP 2016 - 2018 trigclass="arrowright" tag="h3"]


  • The Archbishop of Canterbury

  • The Bishop of Dover

  • The Archdeacon of Ashford

  • The Archdeacon of Canterbury

  • The Archdeacon of Maidstone

  • The Dean

  • The Chairman of the Board of Finance: Canon Raymond Harris

  • The Chair of the House of Clergy: Revd Rob Stevenson

  • The Chair of the House of Laity: Mr Phil Sibbald

The Framework Chairs

  • Licensed Ministries: Mrs Caroline Spencer

  • Local Church Development: Canon Andrew Sewell

  • Communities & Partnership: Mrs Amanda Cottrell

  • Children, Schools & Young People: Mr Alasdair Hogarth

Elected Members:

  • Ashford Archdeaconry

    • Clergy: Revd Tim Wilson

    • Laity: Mr Philip Sibbald Vacant (as at 12/03/16)

  • Canterbury Archdeaconry

    • Clergy: Revd Anthony Everett

    • Laity: Mrs Ann Foat

  • Maidstone Archdeaconry

    • Clergy: Revd Steve Lillicrap

    • Laity: Mr Phillip Bromwich

In Attendance

  • The Dean of Jersey: The Very Revd Bob Key

  • The Dean of Guernsey: The Very Revd Tim Barker


[expand title="VACANCY IN SEE MEMBERSHIP 2016 - 2018" trigclass="arrowright" tag="h3"]

Ex Officio The Bishop of Dover
  The Bishop of Maidstone
The Bishop of Ebbsfleet
The Bishop of Richborough
The Archdeacon of Ashford (General Synod) Ashford
The Archdeacon of Canterbury Canterbury
The Archdeacon of Maidstone Maidstone
The Dean of Canterbury
Revd Barney de Berry (General Synod) Canterbury
Revd Canon Clare Edwards (General Synod) Canterbury
Revd Andy Bawtree (Chair - House of Clergy) Canterbury
Elected Members
2 seats per Archdeaconry Revd Sheila Cox Ashford
Revd Chris Spencer Ashford
Revd Sarah Chapman Canterbury
Revd Paul Worledge Canterbury
Revd Phil Goodey Maidstone
Revd Joyce Addison Maidstone
Ex Officio Mr David Kemp (General Synod) Canterbury
Miss Judith Rigby (General Synod) Canterbury
Miss Rosemary Walters (General Synod) Canterbury
Mr Phil Sibbald (Chair - House of Laity) Ashford
Elected Members
4 seats per Archdeaconry Mr Phil Sibbald Vacant (as at 12/03/16) Ashford
Dr Alan French Ashford
Mr Nigel Collins Ashford
Mrs Charlotte Coles Ashford
Mrs Caroline Spencer Canterbury
Mrs Ann Foat Canterbury
Ann Friedlos Canterbury
Mrs Carole Bean Canterbury
Canon Ray Harris Maidstone
Mr David Gilbert Maidstone
Ms Karen Sanders Maidstone
Mrs Molly Poulter Maidstone
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