Vacancies and New Occupations

Handing on your property to those who follow

In order to assist the diocese, the parish and those who may re-occupy the property after you leave, your co-operation in attending to the following matters would be much appreciated, please:

Utility Readings

These must be taken on the last day of your occupation. Please make all the necessary arrangements with electric and gas/oil companies a week or so ahead of your departure date. Full details of these energy suppliers and account number should be passed to the Churchwardens. Please ensure that the utility companies have your forwarding address to send you the final bill - and note that there is no need to advise with respect to council tax or water authorities.

Phone & Broadband

Please inform British Telecom of your leaving but do not arrange for the line to be cancelled – the Churchwardens are asked to take over the line in the name of the PCC and to instruct BT to arrange for incoming calls only. It is very important that the property number remains unchanged.


Please make all necessary arrangements for your post to be redirected – we will be unable to arrange for post to be forwarded to your new address.


All keys to the property should be labelled before handing to the Churchwardens, who are asked to forward on a complete set to:

Diocesan Property Services
Diocesan House
Lady Wootton's Green

Removal & Cleaning

Please ensure that you remove all your personal possessions and furniture and that nothing is left in the garage, shed or loft which belongs to you – any items left unclaimed will be disposed of. It would be much appreciated if the property could be left clean and tidy - carpets should be vacuumed (steamed if you have any pets), hard flooring should be swept and washed, paintwork washed down where necessary and all storage units cleaned out. Should you wish to engage the services of a commercial cleaner, then please contact property services for advice on this matter.

Cooker & White Goods

Any fridge and/or freezer belonging to the property should be defrosted and cleaned. Any cooker/oven/hob/extract belonging to the property should be left clean inside and out.


All bathroom fittings are to be left in a clean condition.

Making Good

If any marks have been left on the walls by the use of blu-tack or similar products, then please arrange for the wall to be repainted – similarly, should you remove any storage units previously fixed to walls, it is your responsibility to remove any fixings and make good the wall surfaces and finishes.


Maintenance of the gardens will become the responsibility of the PCC during vacancy, so please leave these in a tidy condition and arrange for a final cut of the lawn before you leave.

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