Spirituality at Work

For many of us, it can feel like there are no other Christians in our workplace - and that no-one in our church family understands what it is like to do our job and try to remain true to God at the same time. 

The resources below provide some options to support you as you seek to involve God in your daily life.

  • After Sunday – at the heart of After Sunday’s approach is the idea of being the church dispersed in the world. After Sunday sees the church in two modes - Gathered and Dispersed. After Sunday focuses on providing support to the church in its dispersed mode – this is where the disciple spends 98% of his or her time – being the church in the world.
  • Transform Work UK – This is a national organisation helping to mobilise Christians to live out their faith in the world of work and the world at large. This is done primarily through supporting workplace fellowship groups.
  • LICC - the London Insitute of Contemporary Christianity has created resources designed specifically with workplace groups in mind, to enable you and your colleagues to explore the challenges and opportunities you face in your organisations. 
  • Everyday Faith - Everyday Faith is a Church of England discipleship campaign offering 21 days of reflections, prayers and stories to help you find and follow God in everyday life.


  • A Christian Understanding of Daily Work by Graham Dow (Grove Booklet P57)
  • God at Work: Living Every Day with Purpose by Ken Costa
  • The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work by Darrell Cosden
  • Thank God it’s Monday by Mark Greene
  • Called to New Life – Church of England Board of Education, CHP 1999
  • Pocket Prayers for Work, compiled by Mark Greene
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