Honorary Bishop's Advisers

Bishop’s Adviser for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Affairs

Revd Beatrice Musindi

Currently working as Managing and Anglican Chaplain at HMP YOI Rochester and Permission To Officiate at St Andrew’s Church, Broadstairs. 

I advise the Bishop and the whole diocese about the needs of BAME members of our communities. I also assist in fostering a culture in the diocese where racism and exclusion are challenged and called out.  To identify, monitor and take forward concerns of BAME communities as well as networking and representing the diocese at national and local BAME events.  

Email Beatrice or call (home) 01843 579945 and (work) 01634 803254



Bishop’s Adviser on the Deliverance Ministry

Rev Canon Dr Steve Lillicrap

Parish Priest in the Benefice of Kingsdown, Creekside and High Downs and prior to my ordained ministry I was a full time medical General Practitioner.

As a Bishop’s Advisor on the Deliverance Ministry I lead the small team of Advisers who are available to give advice in this area of the Ministry of the Church, across the Diocese of Canterbury. That advice may be a conversation but we are also available to come and visit a place or someone, alongside the local minister, should that be required. This ministry, which is Christ’s ministry, brings the resources of priestly ministry and my medical background together.

Email Steve or call 01795 522510



Bishop’s Adviser on LGBT+

Samuel Keeler-Walker 

Lay Reader at St Martin and St Paul's, Canterbury, and an organ tuner for Harrison and Harrison Organ Builders. 

My role is centred around working with the Bishop and the diocese as we seek to provide pastoral care and information to LGBT+ people, and their friends, families, and ministers. We are currently working on setting up an LGBT+ Chaplaincy to aid us in our task but in the meantime if you need any help or information please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Email Samuel  



Bishop’s Adviser for Women’s Ministry

Revd Estella Last

Priest in Charge Bridge Group Parish on the outskirts of Canterbury

I represent the Diocese on the national framework for women’s ministry through the organisation known as NADAWM (National Association of Diocesan Advisers in Women's Ministry) and bring back advice and guidance on best practice. At a Diocesan level I sit on the Licensed Ministries Framework and Archbishop’s Council and throughout the year aim to hold a small number of networking events for female ministers in the Diocese so that they can share their experiences and get to know one another. 

Email Estella or call 01227 206272



Bishop’s Adviser to Gypsy, Traveller and Roma Communities (GTR)

Revd Martin Burrell

My ordained ministry began in Canterbury Diocese with a curacy at St Mary Bredin, Canterbury and was followed by ten years as vicar of Cranbrook, where my work with the local English Romani community began.

Having written up my experiences in “The Pure in Heart - An Epistle from the Romanies” - 2009, I moved on to lead a parish in Luton.  I was appointed Chaplain to the GTR for the Diocese of St Alban’s in recognition of my wider ministry with the growing Romanian Roma community in town. In 2015 we launched Luton Roma Trust in response to the desperate needs of the migrant Roma families.  

I retired to Canterbury in 2019 and wrote “One New Humanity - Scriptural Reflections on the Luton Roma” - 2020.   Now as chair of the Churches Network for Gypsies, Travellers and Roma (CNGTR), I am leading the initiative to train Chaplains to serve these communities in every Diocese in the land.  I would love to hear from anyone in our Diocese who is engaging with the Romani communities of Kent, or with those helping the Eastern European Roma build new lives in the UK.

Email Martin or call 07791 536713 


Bishop's Adviser in Healing & Wholeness

Revd Lorraine Apps – Huggins

Chaplain to The Living Well, Canterbury Diocesan Centre for Healing & Wholeness.

I work with a core team at The Living Well, with a Board of Trustees supporting our ministry, and with a wider team of volunteers from across the diocese. This sharing in ministry is a real joy!

I am always willing to discuss healing and wholeness ministry with incumbents, with local parishes, and to visit to share the good news of this ministry on Sunday services if requested.

Email Lorraine or call 01304 842847


Bishop's Adviser for Self Supporting Ministry

Revd Fr Kevin Jacobs SCP

For the last few years I have met with other Bishop’s advisors to SSM’s from across the country on a regular basis to establish a support/advice network for anyone who is an Ordained Minister but falls outside of stipendiary ministry.

This includes of course, Self-Supporting Ministers working full or part time, and those who are retired but still active in ministry. Minister’s in Secular Employment, Chaplains in all areas of ministry who are not employed by, or receive a stipend from, the Church of England, and not forgetting those who are in House for Duty posts who still require another source of income.

Our role as Bishop’s Advisors on SSM’s should be seen as not only supporting our SSM sisters and brothers, but raising awareness to the unique challenges faced by them, and indeed, their fulltime ministerial colleagues who are required to work with them.

Tel: 07572 690460

Email Kevin

Bishop's Adviser for Environment

Teresa Redfern

As Diocesan Environmental Officer my role involves progressing our status as an Eco Diocese.  

I chair the Environment Working Group and also the Sub-group established to take forward the Diocesan Environment and Climate Emergency motion.  

The role also involves linking with the national network of Diocesan Environmental Officers, seeking ways forward for action on the environment, as well as engaging in the Church of England’s Environment Programme.

Email Teresa



Bishop's Adviser for Disability

Karen Adams

I have been involved with a number of different organisations in Kent and further afield, and access and disability work has always been a passion.
I sit on the Diocesan Disability Advisers Network and meet with colleagues from around the country.We explore how we can better ensure that disability, diversity and inclusion is fully included in the life of each diocese and I have established a working group within our own diocese to look at these issues and embed them within all the work that we do.

If you are interested in joining us or want to hear more please email me