New Bishop of Dover: Statement of Needs

We have published our Statement of Needs, which will shape the process of appointing the next Bishop of Dover.The 12-page document outlines the characteristics the committee believes are important in our new bishop, as well as offering an introduction to the Diocese, our strategic direction and priorities. It says:

"The ministry of The Bishop of Dover is a unique one within The Church of England and needs someone with particular gifts and qualities who is secure in their episcopal vocation. There is something about this ministry which is lived out ‘on the edge.’ The geographical location is on the edge of the UK near to Calais and at a time of national uncertainty about Brexit, the diocese’s position as the front line for those seeking refuge in the UK will become even more crucial. It is lived out ‘on the edge’ in places like Sheppey and Thanet in terms of indices of multiple  deprivation, or in the many rural areas where multi parish benefices need constant encouragement. As an episcopal ministry it is on the edge of The Archbishop of Canterbury’s ministry and often on the edge of The Cathedral. This person needs to be comfortable and energised moving from the centre to the edge and back again, sometimes in the same day and not always at their own choosing."

Click here to read the full statement.