Inspiring Everyday Faith

Diocesan Synod in Open Session

Inspiring Everyday Faith – Diocesan Synod in Open Session
Saturday 7 March 2020 from 9am to 12.30pm
John Wallis Academy, Ashford

Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin will be addressing synod for the first time and our guest speaker is Dr Nick Shepherd, National Programme Director for Setting God’s People Free at the Archbishop’s Council.

SGPF is an initiative across the Church of England to enable the whole people of God to live out their faith confidently in all of life, Sunday to Saturday. Nick is also part of the Growing Faith team looking to see that every aspect of mission and ministry is viewed through the lens of what it means for ministry with children, young people and households.

Our open synod will encourage and equip us to be more confident in our churches and communities to bear witness to Jesus Christ. Sometimes there are small steps we can take that make a big difference. Anyone who comes to John Wallis Academy on Saturday 7 March can be sure to have some take home ideas to share with their local churches.

The format of the morning will enable us to get a feel for the national initiative and why people are so excited about what it offers, give us some first-hand experience of how everyday faith can be encouraged and resources that gift us with ways to stimulate new conversations in our worshipping communities and in our everyday encounters.

The open morning morning session of synod is open to everyone but you must book your place in advance.

We are working towards making our synods accessible for people of all ages, and while we can't promise that every part of the event will be all-age inclusive, we hope the relaxed atmosphere, the interactive activities and the flexible seating will make it easier for children, teens and young adults to feel welcome and to take part.

Demand for places is expected to be high so please click here to book.