Celebration of Reader Ministry Service

Canterbury Cathedral - Sunday 22 September from 6.30pm

A service celebrating our Readers will be held this weekend at Canterbury Cathedral.

There will be admission, welcoming, licensing and the relicensing of people from across the diocese as well as the commissioning of two Anna Chaplains.

Our new Readers are from the Guernsey, West Bridge, Weald, Dover and Ashford deaneries.

Nigel Collins, Warden of Readers, said: “Our annual service gives praise for our 200 active Readers who serve across the diocese and celebrates and supports those who join us in ministry.

“They play a vital role in our churches and communities; leading worship, teaching and preaching.

“Readers hail from all walks of life and so are able to really engage in their communities with their pastoral work.”

The service on Sunday 22 September begins at 6.30pm in the Quire and is open to all.