A prayer for Haiti

Pray for the nation on the 10th anniversary of the earthquake

Wherever you will be this Sunday (12 January), the Bishop of Dover, the Rt Revd Dr Rose Hudson-Wilkin asks you to join her in prayer to mark the 10th anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake.

Lord God our Heavenly Father,

In the midst of earthquakes and storms you are the still small voice that speaks of peace, of love of hope. We remember in our thoughts and prayers, approximately 250,000 people who lost their lives 10 years ago in Haiti’s earthquake.

May we hear your voice of peace for Haiti, for those who lost their lives in this catastrophe (those who lived there; those who worked for various aid agencies trying to improve the lives of local residents), for all who are missed, mourned and cherished by those who loved them. In the stillness of our hearts we hold them.

May we hear your voice of love for Haiti, shared in the work, and passion and care and dedication of those rebuilding fragile communities, and infrastructure and providing emergency relief and long term support. And for all who have shared in that work.

May we hear your voice of hope for Haiti, for their peoples’ wisdom, and courage, and beauty and spirit. That it will lead to fullness of life, that they may know that they are not forgotten, but a people blessed by God.

Lord, speak in words of peace and love and hope.

In the spirit of the one who walks alongside us and shares in our life

Jesus Christ our Lord.


Sunday 12 January 2020 is the tenth anniversary of the Haiti earthquake that claimed the lives of approximately a quarter of a million people. A decade has passed but the work continues. You can find out more at Hope Health Action, (previously Haiti Hospital Appeal)