Launch of Canterbury Diocese’s ‘Authorised Listeners’ scheme

Dear colleagues,
I am pleased to inform you of the launch of the Diocese of Canterbury’s ‘Authorised Listeners’ scheme, initiated in response to the House of Bishops Safeguarding policy ‘Responding well to those who have been sexually abused’. Authorised Listeners are part of the wider action of the Church and of the Diocese to make sure that it is ministering to those affected by sexual abuse.  Please display the attached leaflet in prominent positions in your church buildings.

The Diocese has appointed qualified counsellors and practitioners as ‘Authorised Listeners’, who are available to meet with anyone who needs an attentive and attuned listening ear to help them to talk about current or past abuse of any nature. Male and female listeners will be available for up to four sessions, free of charge.

We would be grateful if you could let us know what local facilities/ rooms, your parish could make available which would be appropriate for Listeners to use for their sessions.

With kind regards,

Elaine and Simon and

This email has been sent to clergy, Readers, parish secretaries and parish safeguarding officers. Please share with your colleagues not on email.

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