Gift Aid Secretaries

Gift Aid Secretary

Alexis Stuart-Young, Diocesan House
Lady Wootton’s Green, Canterbury CT1 1NQ
Tel: 01227 459401

Compliance Checks for Gift Aid Procedures

Gift Aid Secretaries are required to attend compliance checks for gift aid procedures at least once every three years. These are held around the diocese throughout the year.

Prior to 2018 the Diocesan Accounts team visited every parish to carry out  compliance checks for gift aid procedures however from 2018 onwards we are carrying out these checks in locations around the diocese to enable more than one Gift Aid Secretary to attend at one time. There are 30 events around the diocese running over a 12 month period and are on a variety of days and times. There are two in every deanery so you shouldn’t have to travel far – please attend whichever of the 30 which is most convenient for you. Please book on to attend one of these events below.

A week or so before your event, we will contact you and specify which recent claim of yours we want to look at. You will then need to bring the paperwork relating to that claim. If you have essential data stored electronically that is impractical to print then please email a copy to us. Examples of the paperwork we need are:

  • Bank statements
  • Weekly counting sheets
  • Spreadsheets
  • Freewill offering envelopes
  • Any other documents used in preparing the specified claim

The plan for each event is to do the necessary specific checks and to share best practices. How exactly this will work out will depend on the number attending and will develop over time.

  • Tuesday 16 October 2018, 7-9pm, Seasalter Christian Centre, Seasalter – Book here
  • Saturday 20 October 2018, 9am-12pm, St Francis Church Hall, Ashford – Book here
  • Thursday 8 November 2018, 9am-12pm, Kent Science Park – Book here
  • Tuesday 13 November 2018, 9am-12pm, Yoakley Care Home Training Annexe, Margate – Book here
  • Wednesday 14 November 2018, 9am-12pm, St Mildred’s Church Hall, Tenterden – Book here
  • Thursday 17 January 2019, 9am-12pm, venue in Sandwich Deanery TBC – Book here
  • Tuesday 5 February 2019, 9am-12pm, venue in Ashford Deanery TBC – Book here

If you have any questions regarding these events please contact Jeff Green on or 01227 459401.