…Churchyards, both rural and urban, are unique and special places; for people, wildlife and history. As such we have an important duty of care to them…


Churchyards hold special importance as places of:

• community history
• remembrance
• heritage
• wildlife conservation

For these reasons, the Churchyard Regulations 2014 must be consulted regarding memorials and burials (including the interment of ashes).

A Faculty needs to be applied for when:

• Laying a new path
• Changing the surface of a path from one material to another
• Introducing a noticeboard
• Excavations are required
• Making repairs to memorials

The above may also require planning permission and so you are advised to contact the local authority for advice as soon as possible.

Like-for-like repairs to paths, walls, the introduction of a bench and some works to trees require Archdeacon’s permission (List B), which is obtained via making an application on the Online Faculty System.

When reserving a grave space or introducing a memorial please contact the church incumbent in the first instance. The Diocesan Registry can provide the forms and further information on 020 7593 5148.

Please see the link below for all the latest information and guidelines:

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Who to Contact

For further help and advice do not hesitate to contact:

Chloe Ewen
Assistant Care of Churches Officer
The Old Palace
The Precincts
CT1 2EE / 01227 459401