Ignite is church, but probably not as most people know it.

This café-style church is for people who may not feel comfortable in a traditional church service. It is designed and tested to work particularly well with people living in our marginalised and social deprived communities.

“We love because God first loved us" (1 John 4:19).

 We love people, with no agenda, because God first loved us.


How does it work?

Ignite is a game of two halves; the ‘meet and greet,’ and the ‘main event’.

The ‘meet and greet’ is a time for welcome, chat and food. This is where friendships are built, and we get to know everyone by name.

The ‘main event’ has something of the BBC’s ‘One Show’ feel about it; it is full of short, interactive segments with a Christian theme. We might use video clips, table discussions, quizzes, short talks, craft activities, drama, and prayer responses. Occasionally, we might share Communion.

Prayer is always available at the end.

Ignite usually doesn’t happen on a Sunday, it does not have to take place in a church building and there is no expectation of anyone having to ‘fit in’. We want people to feel comfortable and know that they are valued and loved, so that when the time is right – if they want to – they can choose to meet and know the risen Lord Jesus for themselves.

Could Ignite work in your parish or church?

Ignite can be used as a blueprint for a new worshipping community in our diocese.

We have grown and served in different urban communities in Kent since the first Ignite started in 2008. We have built a model for what makes a successful Ignite community, learned through successes and things that haven’t gone so well over the years.

Each Ignite is headed up by an enabler who works with the parish to engage with the local community. They help the parish to build relationships with those on the margins of church spending time becoming involved in the lives of local people working towards making a positive difference.

Each individual project takes between six and twelve months before the weekly service is launched, because building friendships and trust first, are absolutely key. We know that Ignite is probably ready to be launched, when the focus shifts from the Enabler seeking out people, to the people actively seeking out the enabler.

The enabler then work with volunteers and the parish to make sure Ignite is imbedded into the life of the church to ensure it will be sustainable into the future.

What help is available?

  • Advice  - Ignite Project Leader, Debbie Ellisdon and our current Ignite enablers can talk to you about their experience.
  • Resources - We have a bank of Ignite weekly plans based around themes, seasons and events which can be used or adapted for your community. A book explaining the Ignite journey and how to get involved will be published in 2025.
  • Funding - There may be funds available for an Ignite Enabler to help establish an Ignite Community in your parish.

Next steps

If you are interested in finding out more, please email Debbie Ellisdon our Ignite Project Leader or call 07946 918383

Come and see

St. Paul’s Church - Margate
St Mary the Virgin Church - Ashford
St Andrew’s Church (families Ignite) - Herne Bay
Christ Church - Herne Bay
St Michael’s Church - Sittingbourne
St Martin’s Church - Maidstone
St Peter’s Church (families Ignite) - Aylesham
St John’s Church - Guernsey

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