How Ignite engages with the local community

Our missioners go out of their way to intentionally serve and befriend people; to be relational people within their communities and to share God’s love in whatever way it is needed.

They imbed themselves into the local area, working out who the ‘movers and shakers of that community are. Gradually, they become involved in the lives of local people and in the life of the community, in order to make a positive difference.

Our model of evangelism is relational; we want to show them that God is for them and not against them.

When we go to where the people are and care about the things that they care about, we begin to earn the right to speak into their lives. Those who we work with often feel like they have been forgotten or cast aside because they are unimportant, unwanted, or undesirable. But we all know that God sees them differently.

Jeremiah 29: 11 tells us that God has a plan and a purpose for us – for all of us, not just from some of us!

Our missioners do not rush into doing Ignite evenings. Each individual project takes somewhere between six and twelve months before an evening is launched, because genuine relationships and building friendships and trust, are absolutely key. We know that a weekly Ignite evening is probably ready to be launched, when the focus shifts from the missioners seeking out people, to the people actively seeking out the missioners.

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You can read more about the project from Ignite Enabler Dawn Evans from page 8 onwards in our summer edition of Outlook here.