A Treasurer is elected at the APCM and the role includes implementing the financial policy of the PCC so that the PCC raises and spends money to meet its responsibilities. The Treasurer prepares an annual budget and assists the PCC in planning for income and expenditure across the year. The Treasurer keeps an accurate record of transactions and ensures the church meets its financial obligations such as insuring against theft and fire and paying clergy expenses. As well as preparing annual accounts, the Treasurer ensures the parish meets the requirements of the Charity Commission. The Treasurer must have financial acumen, but need not be a trained accountant. Understanding the mission and ministry of the church and the Christian concept of stewardship, plus an ability to contribute to discussions is important.

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Training opportunities for PCC Treasurers in 2017

Training for new PCC Treasurers takes place annually in July and August in each archdeaconry. Dates for training in 2017 will be advertised here in Spring 2017.

For any further information regarding training please contact: Holly Adams on / 01227 459401.