The Gathering

Founded in 2009, The Gathering is a spiritual and cultural festival that welcomes all to come and be inspired, surprised, and entertained.

The Gathering aims to capture the imaginations of those attending by bringing together people and their different perspectives to create new dialogues and experiences.

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The Gathering 2015…food for the journey

With food for the journey as its theme, The Gathering was on Friday 15th May, 2015 with Friday Night Kitchen; an entertaining and thought-provoking evening of food and conversation, hosted by the Revd Richard Coles, in dialogue with the Archbishop of Canterbury. There will be physical, as well as spiritual, nourishment, with delicious community food cooked by local and national chefs.

Saturday continued the theme of living, working and eating together, through The Gathering’s usual range of leading speakers, and which will explore how we can live in our communities as Church, and how we are companions for the journey.

In addition, this year saw the introduction of Light Bites in the Chapter House, a programme of 10 minute slots showcasing comedy, poetry, singing, music, drama and opinion from across the Diocese.

The Cathedral Nave became the Worship Zone, a place to gather for shared worship, as well as a welcoming area with activities and attractions for children and the young at heart running throughout the morning.

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