The Discipleship and Spirituality Forum

We bring together people who work resourcing discipleship and spirituality in East Kent, either in a voluntary or paid capacity. The forum is a great opportunity to network and share our ministries together and learn from each other’s challenges and joys. These ministries include things like an involvement in Julian Meetings, Cursillo, religious communities and many others. If you serve in a resourcing capacity in the churches in East Kent, from whichever denomination, and would like to join the Forum please contact us: Peter Ingrams,

The Forum has met annually over the past four years in different ways.

2017 – The Forum met in a series of lunchtime meetings with a focus on thinking through the Canterbury Diocesan proposal for a Missional Prayer Network and what shape it might take.

2016 – The Forum met in a series of lunchtime meetings with a focus on networking and building relationships between all those involved in resourcing spirituality and discipleship in East Kent.

2015 – The Forum met centrally together for half a day to consider the need for our churches to learn how to be alongside children and young people as disciples together. The Forum also looked at Growing Older with Faith – second half of life spirituality. How do we resource churches to listen deeply to what Christ is calling us to hear through children, young people and people of all ages in our wider church communities?

2014 – The Forum met and helped shape the Spiritualty Festival with took place in September 2014 in Canterbury Cathedral. Follow this link for more information.