The Archbishop’s School Pupils spend day with Archbishop at Lambeth Palace

On Saturday 23rd June, six pupils and one teacher from The Archbishop’s School in Canterbury joined Archbishop Rowan Williams and eighty other students at Lambeth Palace for a day of worship, discussion and reflection.

The theme for the day was ‘Help, my friends think I’m mad!’ and covered the topics of science, sex and common sense – topics chosen by the Archbishop as those which Christian’s might shy away from discussing with non-Christians.

Referring to these topics, Stacey Johnson, a year ten, replied: “It can be difficult to share true Christian views without being shouted down because they don’t go with the politically correct world that we live in nowadays.”

The school were invited by Lambeth Palace to take up to six pupils to be part of the day. Mrs Helen Netherton, who is in charge of Religious Studies at The Archbishop’s School, said: “I chose pupils who I knew were involved in the Christian Union and who I knew actively showed their faith at school.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, who leaves his role in December, was described as very down-to-earth. Sam Tate, who hopes to study theology as an A Level, said: “Each time the Archbishop talked I was reminded why he was such a good leader of the Church of England. His talks really related to me and I could easily understand the image he was trying to portray.” Stacey added: “He makes such a great Archbishop because he interacts with people one-to-one and he makes time for everybody.”

Stacey, who described the day as ‘a wonderful experience’ concluded that: “It was great to be surrounded by people that you knew were living their lives for God.”

The Archbishop’s School in Canterbury is a Church of England Secondary School, with 855 pupils which includes Christians and students of other faiths and no faith backgrounds. The school was awarded ‘good’ in their recent Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools report.


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Left to right: Alex Heavens, Stacey Johnson, Bea Perks, Rowan Williams, Alice Franks, Helen Netherton (Teacher), Robert Swinney and Sam Tate.