General Synod

A by-election to fill the casual vacancy in the House of Laity created by the resignation of Miss Judith Rigby has now taken place.  See the results here.

A by-election to fill the casual vacancy in the House of Clergy created by the retirement of the Venerable Philip Down has now taken place.  See the results here.

The General Synod, which comprises a House of Bishops, a House of Clergy and a House of Laity, with representatives from all English Dioceses, meets 2-3 times a year to consider legislation for the Church of England along with worship and matters of national and international importance. More information.

Reform and Renewal is a series of proposals about the future of the Church of England which are being discussed in Dioceses and will be debated at General Synod from the Autumn onwards – read the summary paper here.

Your representatives for the current triennium (2015-2020)

The Venerable Jo Kelly-Moore (elected in the by-election, 20/12/17)
The Reverend Josias De Souza Júnior
The Reverend Barney De Berry

Mr David Kemp
Mrs Marian Nicholson (elected in the By-Election 10/08/2018)
Miss Rosemary Walters

Elections 2015

Congratulations to the newly elected General Synod representatives 2015-2020.  Please wish them well for the forthcoming quinquennium.

Bishop Trevor Wilmott writes . . .

Who needs the General Synod? The answer is we do. We, the Church at every level of our shared life, parish, deanery, diocese and national. Why? Because the Synod, for all of its failings and shortcomings, holds within the seed of all that we are called to be as Church. God’s people, lay and ordained, meeting together, praying together, consulting together. Not a structure to help the Church be more effective – though hopefully that might be a welcome off shoot of its life. Not a place where the minority go to infuse their will on the majority. But a genuine Synod, travelling the road of Jesus Christ in shared companionship.

On this page you will find a booklet which helpfully describes the workings of Synod and encourages people to get involved. I would be grateful if you could share this booklet with others in your church. Please also look at the website: which contains a wealth of information.

The forthcoming elections later this year will be crucial. Not solely because the next Synod may have the critical responsibility of deciding on some important issues which currently lie before us but because we need the Synod to be fully representative of our common life. I hope, therefore, that we shall have lively contested elections in each of the houses of laity and clergy. I hope that all of us will take the opportunities afforded to question those who will be standing. Above all else, I ask you to pray with me earnestly over these next months for the refreshment of God’s Holy Spirit in this vital aspect of our shared life.

With every blessing