Contacts and links


Liz Mullins
Stewardship and Funding Adviser
Charlotte McCaulay
Assistant Stewardship and Funding Adviser


    This is a very comprehensive website produced by the Archbishops’ Council. It has information on how to encourage giving, resources for treasurers, fundraising advice, resources for rural churches, preaching and worship resources, and much more.
    Also from the Archbishops’ Council this site is full of essential information on encouraging people to make wills, and legacy giving.
    This site is produced by the Council for the Care of Churches, and provides a wealth of information on caring for your church and its contents, looking after the churchyard and developing the building. There is also comprehensive information on fundraising and sources of funding.
    Giving in Grace is a stewardship programme developed by the Diocese of Liverpool. It’s well worth a look.
    Here is the site of an organisation called Funds for Historic Buildings. In addition to general information on fundraising, there is a searchable database of funding sources.
    This is a comprehensive site produced by the Institute of Fundraising