Prayer tools and traditions

What helps people to pray? What might help you to be more confident in how you pray? The sections below offer information and resources to explore.

To find out about how you can arrange for evenings exploring prayer to happen at your school or church click here.

Different Prayer Traditions

Wall painting - prayer traditions240wWhen we pray we become part of a community that stretches across time and space. Our prayers join with the prayers of people from all nationalities and walks of life, past and present, who are praying in countless different circumstances – within monastic communities, in churches, at work, on the way to work, doing the washing-up, cooking the evening meal. In this way we are involved in God’s creative and compassionate work in the world. There are many different prayer traditions, some stretching back many centuries to the beginnings of Christianity.

The websites below provide resources and information about some of these.


These traditions of prayer come from different traditions of spirituality.  To find out more click here.

Weeks of Accompanied Prayer

Candles in sand_cropThe Week of Accompanied Prayer is a retreat (usually ecumenical) based in a church setting so that people have the benefit of an individually guided retreat which fits into their ordinary daily lives without them having to take time off. The idea originated in the 1970s when a priest in Canada felt burdened to meet the spiritual needs of lumberjacks who were unable to take time off work in order to make a full time retreat. The week is for men and women at whatever stage they are on their spiritual journey. If you are seeking ways to deepen your relationship with God, or making sense of your faith journey, or interested in finding different ways to pray the Week of Accompanied Prayer may well be for you.

Dates for 2018:

11th – 17th March 2018 St Stephens, Canterbury
Contact: Jo Robertson
22nd – 28th  April 2018  Goudhurst
Contact: Lesley Hardy
13th – 19th May 2018 Eastry
Contact: Jo Robertson

24th – 30th June 2018 Holy Trinity Benefice, Folkestone
Contact: Janet McDonald
23rd – 29th September 2018 St Mary of Charity, Faversham
Contact: Janet McDonald
14th – 20th October 2018 Tenterden
Contact: Lesley Hardy

For further information or to book a week in your church, please contact the Coordinator,  Janet McDonald by email or on 01227 860837.

Alternatively, access the information leaflet.

Prayer and the Arts

stainedglassTo be creative is an expression of our humanity which is made in the image of a creator God. We might not be artistic, but we are all creative – from cooks to engineers to accountants. The Arts can inspire new ways of exploring faith. Each of us experiences God in our own unique way. As well as inspiring creativity, linking into the wealth of material that art, literature and music provides can help widen our perspective, opening our senses to reach God and hear him speaking in different ways.

The websites below offer resources that use art, music and literature as a springboard for prayer.

Daily Office

iStock_000001262149smallChristians have offered daily prayers for thousands of years. The regular cycle of daily prayers – morning prayer, midday prayer, evening prayer, compline – provides a structure and a rhythm around which the hustle and bustle of life takes shape and purpose. Daily prayer gives a way of placing God at the centre of our ordinary lives.

Many parish churches say the Daily Office – please contact your local vicar for further information. Alternatively, the websites below offer resources for daily prayer.