Learning together: courses, groups and events

Learning together and from one another about how to follow Jesus Christ is a key feature of the Christian journey. Each opportunity listed below, whether sponsored by the diocese, parishes or other groups, reflects the rich heritage of learning that we have in our Christian communities.

These resources can be used by all those travelling on the journey of faith and discipleship – whether you are just starting to explore the Christian faith and what it means to be a disciple, or whether you are looking for a deepening and development of your faith.

To find out about how you can arrange for evenings exploring prayer to happen at your school or church click here.


The websites and publications below are a mix of courses offered and run specifically in the Canterbury Diocese and courses that provide material for study that could be delivered in your local area.

Canterbury Diocese Courses



  • Deepening Discipleship. This is an eight-session course that explores discipleship and what God is calling you to become. The eight-session course seeks to create a learning community that enables participants to reflect upon their lives as disciples through a range of themes.
  • Intentional Discipleship (iD). iD facilitates ways of meeting in small groups to explore how to be more intentional as a disciple. These groups create places for conversations about putting ideas about following Jesus into practise, discovering and exploring your personal and spiritual gifts, becoming the person God is calling you to be and being intentional in following Jesus in all of life – not just for ‘church’.
  • Lent courses.

Other courses and publications


  • The DiscipleKit supports the discipleship journey with a collection of resources that are inspiring, empowering, interesting and accessible.
  • lyfe. The Bible Society has developed the lyfe course as a resource to help in connecting God, us and everyday life.
  • Christianity Explored is a ten-session course based on Mark’s Gospel. It explores who Jesus is, why he came and what it means to follow him. Full resource material is available, including comprehensive teaching material and free downloads.
  • Contemporary Creed is a book-based course that aims to translate ancient beliefs into today’s language. It is written for those who, like the author, do not find it easy to believe and whose faith is marred by doubt.
  • E100 Bible Reading Challenge is produced by the Scripture Union and is based around 100 carefully selected Bible readings (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament) designed to give participants a good understanding of the overall Bible story from Genesis to Revelation. The ‘E’ stands for Essential and the programme works well for individuals or for churches. The full resource can be downloaded here.
  • The Christian Enquiry Agency provides information for people who want to find out about the Christian faith and its founder Jesus Christ.
  • Faith Formation Learning Exchange provides tools and resources to assist churches and their leaders in lifelong faith formation for all ages and generations.
  • Cursillo is Spanish for ‘short course’. It is a movement within the Church that provides a method of encouraging and supporting people in living the Christian life and sharing their faith with others. Cursillo seeks to complement other parish and diocesan activities.

Other courses that explore the Christian faith, encouraging discussion and mutual support include:

  • Alpha
  • TableTalk
  • Emmaus – The Way of Faith (course material available in book form)
  • Beginning Again by John Pritchard
  • Nooma DVD series – Rob Bell (there is an extensive range of Noomas available from the ChYP’s (Children and Young People’s) library at Diocesan House)

Groups in the Canterbury area

spiritualityfestival2240wYou may find that being part of a specific group helps you on your journey of discipleship. The following links will provide information on some groups in the Canterbury area.

  • Contemporary Theology Group – an ecumenical gathering that meets on the third Wednesday of each month, from January to June, at St Peter’s Methodist Church, Canterbury. Meetings start at 7.45 pm and finish promptly at 9.15 pm
  • Canterbury Boiler Room
  • Ignatian Interest Group (Canterbury Diocese) – contact Janet McDonald (janet.mcdonald@btinternet.com)


pebbles240wThe London Spirituality Centre offers resources for well-being, drawing upon ancient Christian wisdom and contemporary psychological insight. The Centre offers training and development opportunities for individuals and groups, including two formation courses for spiritual directors, supervision groups and a wide variety of workshops.



The Spirituality Festival of September 2014 offered worship, workshops, prayer space centred on ‘Taste and See’ – interweaving physical and spiritual ‘food for the journey’. Canterbury Cathedral’s numinous space and surroundings provide an evocative environment for all kinds of events – from worship, to concerts, to lectures, to meeting space. It is a place where Christians and enquirers have come together over many centuries. The links below give a sense of some significant past events, together with those to come.

For further information on events in Canterbury Cathedral please visit the website.

For other events taking place in Canterbury Diocese please follow the links:

Next Steps

Rocks and tunnel240wYou may be ready to go further on your journey of discipleship or you may be feeling travel-weary. The resources below provide opportunities for further development, reinvigoration and restoration.

Vocations. Are you wondering where God is leading you? Are things changing in your life and you wonder why? Do you feel that you are stuck in rut? Got a hunch that some sort of ministry, or different ministry might be for you? Confused by the options?  The Vocations team work to ‘stimulate the vocational heartbeat of the diocese’ in promoting, clarifying and releasing the ministries of the people of God in the Diocese of Canterbury.

Stewardship is a recognition that everything we have comes from God. God has been incredibly generous to us, and Stewardship is the right and proper response – looking after what we have been given, nurturing our gifts and giving something back to God.

Sacred Space provides on-line daily Guided Prayer structured around Ignatian Spirituality.

Christian Podcasts produced by the Christian Colleges and Universities website. This list of podcasts from around the world provides a range of ways to engage with your faith and journey of discipleship. There should be something here to suit every palate.

The Retreat Association offers the chance to step aside from life for a while, to rest and just ‘be’ in a welcoming, peaceful place. Retreats are for ordinary people at any time in their lives. There are no expectations on anyone going on retreat and you don’t need to be a churchgoer.

On-line Retreats may be of interested if you’ve wondered about a retreat but are not sure if it is for you? Or maybe you don’t have the time or resources to visit a retreat centre? This site offers a range of on-line retreat options and is run by Benedictine nuns.

Other sources of information include:

  • Barefoot Disciple: Walking the Way of Passionate Humility by Stephen Cherry (The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book 2011)
  • Disciples and Citizens: A vision for Distinctive Living by Graham Cray
  • The Reflective Disciple by Roger Walton
  • Discipleship by David Watson
  • The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Do Nothing to Change Your Life by Stephen Cottrell
  • Travelling Well by Stephen Cottrell and Steven Croft