This document is set up as A4 portrait style.

On many printers you will have the option to print copies (2 Up) or (2 pages per sheet). This automatically reduces the size down to A5 (2 pages per sheet), the type face is also reduced in size and that is why this document has been set up using a larger font.

You will also need to specify in the page range box, the page number(s) to be printed – the pages you want to be beside each other. So if you were printing 12 pages you would need to print page 12 and page 1 together. Because the first page would need to be at the right hand side and the final page at the left hand side of the sheet you would put


for the second sheet with page 2 and page 11 you would set it out as


so to print a whole 12 page booklet is would be as follows


this would back all the pages into booklet form.