Saturday 17 December

This year’s Advent Justice Appeal hopes to continue to support the work of local groups and services giving much needed assistance to young asylum seekers. Domenica Pecoraro, the Diocese of Canterbury’s Refugee Officer, shares the situation of one young man who has come to her attention because of the close relationships she has been able to develop with the local assessment centres (we are not disclosing his name):

D is a 17 year old Eritrea boy currently in Kent. He fled Eritrea after his father was imprisoned, and then killed, because of his faith. His mother has passed away and he has lost contact with his uncle. He has no family and is extremely distressed. He has started at times to tip into psychosis. Yet since he has been able to attend a Pentecostal church once a week, he has been able to self-care and attend college.  It is really important for him to connect with spiritual leaders, and a community who speak his language and can support his full recovery. The church is not in Kent, and the local service provider is struggling to get the additional £28 a week that would allow him to attend the church and visit the community a further two times a week. To be able to assist with situations like this is why the Bishop’s Advent Justice Appeal is so important.’

If you would like to know more about this situation, or Domenica’s work in general please contact her on: or visit