Rural Business Chaplain

The Diocese now has a new chaplain dedicated to supporting those working in the rural business sectors of Kent and Sussex. The Revd Chris Hodgkins is the first person to hold this position in this Diocese, which is a new joint venture between the Dioceses of Canterbury and Chichester and the Farming Community Network (FCN), a Christian charity which provides pastoral and practical support to farming families dealing with issues that cause them stress and anxiety.

While there are good opportunities for people to develop businesses and build employment in rural areas, there are challenges which can place a lot of stress on individuals, their relationships and families. So as well as fulfilling the role of Associate Team Priest in the Tenterden, Rother and Oxney Benefice, Revd Chris will spend part of his time as a roving chaplain providing a pastoral presence at livestock and agricultural shows, ploughing matches, farmers’ markets and seeking out those involved in business in small towns and remote locations.

If you would like to contact Chris please email him at: or follow him on twitter: @ctahodgkins