Pastoral re-organisation information

Each deanery within the diocese has its own Mission and Ministry committee which works with the Deanery Synod on Mission Action Planning.  This process considers how the deanery can make best use its resources; both human and physical to make the most of the particular opportunities for taking forward the mission of the church in their local situation.  The term Pastoral Reorganisation refers to the processes that occur when those proposals require legal changes such as re-drawing of parish boundaries, or the re-configuration of parishes to modify the benefice structure.

The Diocesan Mission and Ministry Committee

The Diocesan Mission and Ministry Committee (DMMC) fulfils the function of the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC) under the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011.  Working with the Bishop, the Archdeacons and the Mission and Ministry Executive officer it seeks to support parishes and deaneries in implementing the reorganisational aspects of Mission Action Planning.  It issues the formal proposals for processes such as:

  • The union of parishes and/or benefices
  • The creation of Team and Group Ministries
  • Alteration of parish/deanery /archdeaconry or diocesan boundaries
  • Changes of parish or benefice names
  • Appropriation Schemes
  • Suspension of Presentation (and renewal or lifting of suspension)
  • Bishops Mission Orders
  • Church Sharing Agreements

Interested parties under the 2011 measure can meet with the committee to discuss proposed reorganisation.

Draft Schemes under consultation

The Church Commissioners publish details of all Draft Pastoral Schemes during their final phase of consultation on their website.

Recently completed Schemes

An outline of the process of pastoral reorganisation.

Pastoral Organisation – Aide Memoire for Parishes

The document found here could be of help to parishes as you begin your journey of re-imagining your ministry and mission. These pages are intended as an aid to planning only – the website links below will give further information.

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