Overseas links

“God has called us into a relationship, not only with himself, but also with one another, that our lives may be enriched as we learn and share in a partnership to bring about his mission in the world.” (Anglican Communion)

Canterbury Diocese has partnership links with Dioceses in Bodo, Arras and the Lutheran church in Markgraflerland, and has been in a Companion Link with Madagascar for over 30 years.

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world; two and a half times the size of Great Britain.

The first Anglican missionary arrived in Madagascar in 1864, sent by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. In 1874 the Diocese of Madagascar was founded.

There are now six dioceses within Madagascar:

  • Diocese of Antananarive
  • Diocese of Toamasina
  • Diocese of Mahajanga
  • Diocese of Antsiranana
  • Diocese of Fianarantsoa
  • Diocese of Toliara

The number of Anglicans in Madagascar began to grow rapidly as of 1991 (Anglican Decade of Evangelism) and is estimated to be close to 500,000. (Information from Anglican Communion).

How the link works

We can support the link by:

  • Praying regularly for the people of Madagascar and the Companionship Link (see prayer)
  • Forming a Parish Link with one of the Malagasy clergy and their parishes.
  • Supporting the Poverty and Hope Appeal. Money is allocated every year to a project in Madagascar.
  • Purchasing goods from the diocese.
  • Reasons for a Parish Link


The Communities and Partnerships Framework:
01227 459401

What is a Companionship Link?

  • Sharing
  • Prayer
  • Encouragement
  • Communication
  • Financial Support

The purpose of the Link is to extend the concept of the Partners in Mission strengthen and encourage each other exchange gifts and resources gain new insights and understandings commit ourselves afresh to the task of mission.

Facts and Figures

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world; two and a half times the size of Great Britain. There are 120,000 Anglicans.

Diocese of Antananarivo

covers the High Plateaux and the South of the Island.
The Diocesan Bishop, Rt Revd Jaona Ranarivelo

The Rt. Revd. Todd McGregor is the Suffragan Bishop of Toliara,  which is in the South West of the Island.

Diocese of Toamasina

The diocese runs along the Eastern Coast.
The Bishop is the Rt. Revd Jean Paul Solo.

Diocese of Antsiranana

To the north of Madagascar originally covering an area of 183,000 square Kilometres, this diocese has now been split into two.
The Bishop is the Rt Revd Oliver Simon

Diocese of Mahajanga

One time part of the diocese of Antsiranana, this diocese covers the North and Mid Western area of the Island.
The Bishop is the Rt. Revd. Jean-Claude Andriajafimanana.

Diocese of Fianarantsoa

In the central region but to the south of the capital. The bishop is The Rt. Revd. Gilbert Rakotondravelo


Companion Link Prayer

O Holy Spirit of the Living God
you call us into the fellowship
of your Church and to rejoice
in our unity in Christ.
Fill us and all people everywhere
with your love and great power.
Bless our fellow Christians
here and in Madagascar.
Send us out in your power
to build up your worldwide Church
to break down barriers
and to serve you faithfully,
now, and for ever.

Updates from Bishop Todd