Growing Faith Youth Enabler

Growing Faith is commitment that every aspect of mission and ministry is seen through the lens of what it means for ministry with children, young people and families. It will flow into the type of relationships encouraged between schools and churches, and how these are developed to resource and support households to grow in faith together.

Growing Faith seeks to maximise effectiveness and enable dioceses and parishes to have ready access to resources for growing faith in churches, schools and households.

The landscape of children and young people’s ministry in Canterbury Diocese has several key challenges over the coming years. Growing Faith is a key priority in Canterbury Diocese, we seek to enable faith to flourish in the context of church, school, and home. Making sure that we engage young people and young people’s ministers is key to ensuring ty of Growing Faith is developed in a sustainable way.

Application deadline: 25/11/2022

Salary: £10,600 per annum.

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