Sign up for A Year of Living Generously

It's time to change the conversation on generosity

What might happen if – for a whole year – we made a point of noticing what we do and what we choose, and asking ourselves: How generous am I being? It could change our lives. It could change our churches.

That’s what A Year of Living Generously is all about. It’s an invitation to let our gratitude for God’s generosity infuse everything we do and all that we are.

It’s not just about money. It’s about how we react when someone asks a favour. It’s about seeing life as a gift. It’s about picking up extra food at the shops for the foodbank. It’s about taking the time to listen properly. It’s about seeking the beauty in people we find difficult. Once we think about it, we know what it’s about – the trick is to do it.

So, here’s the invitation: starting any time between now and 2023, sign up for your own Year of Living Generously.

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