Keep Praying

'Keep Praying' is a thread of prayer to weave through all we do in our churches and local communities throughout 2021 and to help us stay connected in prayer across our diocese. There will be a different theme for each liturgical season, and 3 simple ways to pray that theme in our personal prayers, our gathered worship and our reaching out to those around us.

Join Bishop Rose as she introduces Keep Praying Creation– Creator God, renewing all things

Keep Praying Creation Prayer Gathering with Bishop Rose 

Tuesday 26th October 7:30-8:30pm on Zoom

Bishop Rose invites you to join her for an hour of prayer, just a few days before the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. We will be praying together for issues of creation care and climate justice.

Please register here using this Eventbrite link if you'd like to join us

Keep Praying Creation– Creator God, renewing all things

“In Christ...all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17) 

4 ways to pray the theme:

A picture to reflect on

A prayer to say

A prayer practice to try – Make a prayerful change to benefit the planet

A video to reflect on

A picture to reflect on

Image: Primrose Northrop, 2021

  • Reflect on the image. What do you see? What catches your attention?
  • When was the last time you became aware of the preciousness of creation? What was it that caught your attention? What was your response?
  • When you reflect on the gifts God has given you, what are you most grateful for today?
  • When it comes to caring for creation, do you tend to lean more towards prayer or more towards action? How might we more effectively blend prayer and action together?
  • Draw your own picture in response to our Creation image.
  • Use the picture as a focus for prayer in gathered worship or at the start of a meeting. Invite people to look at it and notice what God is drawing their attention to. If time allows, invite them to share their reflections.
  • Use the picture on your website or social media pages, accompanied by a few sentences about how you are caring for creation. 
    (Please include Primrose Northrop’s artist credit if you reproduce the picture anywhere.) 

A prayer to say

Creator God, sustainer of all things, 
You have entrusted to us the care of your world. 
In the face of the planet’s distress,, 
Rescue us from the paralysis of complacency and defeatism; 
Teach us to blend prayer and activism, hope and determination, 
That your Church might truly be good news to all creation.


Download a copy of our Creation Prayer Card to find more prayer points.

 prayer practice to try – make one prayerful change to care for creation

Caring for creation involves a healthy mix of prayer and action. In this Creation season, we invite you to make a ‘prayerful change’ – to choose just one small lifestyle change which will benefit the planet, then to pause and pray for a moment each time you put that change into practice.

COP26 – 12 days of prayer and change (Monday 1st to Friday 12th November 2021)

  • As world leaders gather for the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, we invite you to join us in making the first 12 days of November a time of prayer and action. Each day we will be offering::
    • An image to reflect on
    • A prayer to pray
    • A challenge to try – something that will benefit the planet

And since none of us can make this journey alone, we’ll have plenty of ideas on how you and your church can pray and act together during COP26.

On Tuesday 7 September, a joint statement on climate change by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch was released. You can read it here: Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the Archbishop of Canterbury join together for the first time in urgent appeal for the future of the planet

A video to reflect on