Kendall House Review Report

An update on the review into Kendall House.

Update February 2017:

Click here to see out progress tracker. This document details how Canterbury Diocese is progressing with the recommendations of the Kendall House Review Panel.

Update December 2016

Following the publication of the Kendall House Review report earlier this year, the Dioceses of Rochester and Canterbury wanted to ensure that any former residents who had not contributed to it, were given an opportunity to record their experiences. The Kendall House Review Addendum is the result of those conversations with the Review Panel and should be read alongside the original report.

Kendall House Report, July 2016
Kendall House Addendum to Main Report, November 2016
Statement from the Review Panel

In response to the Addendum Report, The Rt Rev James Langstaff, Bishop of Rochester, issued the following statement:

“Following the publication of the Kendall House Review, the Diocese of Rochester felt it important to give those former residents who had not been able to participate in the Review the opportunity to share their experiences. The Addendum to the Kendall House Review is the result. We are very grateful to all of the women who courageously came forward to tell their stories, and we recognise how challenging that was. The Diocese would like to thank all of the former residents who have participated and we apologise unreservedly to them for the hurt and distress caused to them. Rochester Diocese has recently commissioned an independent audit of all of our safeguarding structures and resources in the light both of the Kendall House review and of current national guidance. We will be working on the recommendations of this audit over the coming weeks.”

The Rt Rev Trevor Willmott has also issued a statement:

“The Addendum to the Kendall House Report makes for difficult but essential reading. Bishop James and I are hugely grateful to the women who have come forward – both for the original report and the addendum – for their courage in sharing their stories. They have done this so that we may learn the lessons of the past and we want to assure them that we have fully resolved to do so. I would like to echo Bishop James' apology to them for the pain they have suffered. Both dioceses have already made significant progress in responding to the recommendations of the original report and we take the new recommendations very seriously as well. We are deeply committed to creating safer spaces wherever the Church has a presence.”

Although the review has now closed, any former residents wishing to receive support – or indeed anyone with safeguarding concerns - may call the free CCPAS helpline number on 0845 120 4550.

Update August 2016

At the request of the dioceses, the members of the Review Panel will reconvene during the month of September 2016 to provide the opportunity for those former residents, who were unable to participate in the review, to share their experience with the panel members. It is intended that these experiences will then be written up and added as an appendix to the Kendall House Review report.

The panel members may be contacted on the following email addresses:

Please check this link to see where this sits within the original text.


The Rt Rev James Langstaff, Bishop of Rochester hosted a press conference at the Rochester Diocesan Office on Wednesday 13 July 2016. The purpose of that press conference was to hear the results of the Kendall House Review report, and to give journalists an opportunity to ask questions of the authors, Professor Sue Proctor and Mr Ray Galloway. The Rt Rev James Langstaff, Bishop of Rochester and the Rt Rev Trevor Willmott, Bishop of Dover and Bishop in Canterbury, were also in attendance to answer questions.

Bishop Trevor gave the following statement in response to the Report:

"The opening of Kendall House in the 1920s presented the Dioceses of Canterbury and Rochester with an opportunity to improve the lives of the young women who came through its doors. It is clear that we in the Church failed in our oversight and that abusive practices were permitted to prevail at Kendall House for many years. We know that words cannot undo the failings of the past, but I would like to echo both Bishop James’ apology to former residents of Kendall House and his thanks to them for their courage in contributing to this report. I am aware that without change such words may seem empty and I want to assure all those affected that we take the recommendations of the report very seriously and will act on them as quickly and effectively as possible.”

You can see the full report here.

Read all of the statements made at the press conference online here.

Video of the bishops’ apologies.

The dioceses have set up a listening service for former residents and survivors of Kendall House, and those who may be affected by the findings of the report into Kendall House, which is 0845 120 4634. The service is provided by the Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service, an independent Christian safeguarding charity. Please note that the service is not suitable for callers seeking more in-depth support or counselling.