My testimony – Debbie Alcock

I am 48 years old and as a child through to my late teens I was full of faith and Jesus’s love for me. Sadly my Vicar at that time shunned my sister for her sexuality. I felt I could no longer worship in a church that did not practice the love I saw in the Gospels, and so I sought another church family. I did not find one, and over the years I drifted away from being a practising Christian. At this time my life began to get hard, but I consoled myself that I was doing God’s work through my work protecting children. Over the years I stopped praying. I did no form of worship and life got tougher.

My partner of 10 years was then diagnosed as having terminal heart failure with an expected life span of six months. His dying wish was that we got married, and he wanted to get married in Church. We chose St Bartholomew’s in Bobbing and as this was a partnered church, our Banns were read at Holy Trinity, Sittingbourne. We went to hear our Banns being read. The minute I walked in I felt the Holy Spirit strongly and spent the next few Sundays crying out my grief at having lost my faith. My husband was now waiting to see if he could have a heart transplant. In April 2011 he had a further scan that revealed his heart was very distorted and was not functioning well. He also had arrhythmia and a distorted valve. In May I took part in Prayer week and communicated and worshipped God like never before. In June my husband was beginning to walk better and we went for the transplant work up at the Papworth Hospital. The new tests and scans showed that his heart had now shrunk back to a better shape, his valve was working, but he still had arrhythmia. He did not need a new heart and they said he should have no problems for another 15 years or so – Miracle.

But this is not the end of my story I then began to become a faithful disciple of Jesus (or at least I try to be). I went to New Wine for the first time in Summer 2012. After one evening service I heard God tell me very clearly to go and study Deborah – my own name, and shamefully I didn’t immediately understand. I was also told I had to give up my job in the civil service. This was hard as my wages were the only income. However I did this (my husband was not amused as despite the miracle, he struggles with his faith and does not yet believe). In short the lessons in Deborah are about fighting injustice by gathering people around her.

I am now two years later running a Christian business, training others in Early Years work to protect children but more importantly lobbying government and Ofsted and have gained success in changing policies alongside others.

Had you told me this story four years ago I would not have believed it, but in God all things are possible.

Thank you Lord.