Murston Junior School’s Top School Bank Savers Receive Special Award

On Wednesday 15th July, eight pupils at Murston Junior School in Sittingbourne received special recognition for being the most regular saving members of the Murston Junior School Community Bank. Since the bank branch opened in October last year, pupils at the school have collectively saved over £600.

It is the first time such an achievement has been recognised at the school, with the top saving students each receiving a certificate and an additional £10 to add to their accounts.

The school bank branch was set up with the support of the Murston Community Bank (Kent’s first community bank to be held in a church), and is a partnership with the Kent Savers Credit Union and the Diocese of Canterbury. Although not a church school, the Murston Junior School Bank has developed out of a positive relationship between the school and the local church, All Saints in Murston, which has seen its own community hub and bank develop into a vital part of the wider community and instrumental in helping transform lives.
Murston Junior School Community Bank is run by Year 6 students and is open two days a week. Each pupil in the school has an account as well as a specially designed Murston Community Bank pass book with their school logo on it.

As well as being able to deposit real money, students can earn Murston Money as part of a reward scheme in the school. When they leave in Year 6, a pupil’s Murston Money will be exchanged for pounds and pence, and transferred into their bank account ready for secondary school.

The Head teacher of Murston Junior School Mrs Patricia Hatt, and Deputy Head teacher Ms Bernthal, have ensured that the bank has inspired the curriculum, with children across the school learning about financial matters and the importance of good money management.

Mrs Patricia Hatt was joined in giving out the awards by Revd Canon Caroline Pinchbeck the Director of the Diocese of Canterbury’s Communities and Partnerships Framework, Phil and Christine Bromwich who are Church Wardens at All Saint’s Church, Murston and who help run Murston Community Bank and Hub and mentor the Yr 6 bankers, and Dianne Smith a volunteer at Murston Community Bank and Hub.

Speaking about the awards Mrs Hatt said:

“We’re so proud of our regular savers and of all our pupils. They’ve all shown real commitment to the bank and have clearly understood the value and importance of saving.

“I am convinced that the presence of the bank in our school is providing our children with invaluable skills and knowledge which they will take with them through life.”

Local parish priest Revd Lesley Jones, who was also at the prize-giving, thanked everyone at the school on behalf of Kent Savers. She said that because of their hard work and the dedication of the church volunteers, more schools will be able to have their own savings club in the future.


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Notes to Editors

  • Kent Savers Credit Union was set up in 2010 to provide affordable financial services to the people of Kent. To open an account individuals must live, work, volunteer, or go to school/university in Kent, Medway or Bexley. Individuals who work for or are tenants of the major housing associations in these areas can join from anywhere in the country. Organisations can qualify if they have a place of business in Kent, Medway or Bexley. For more information visit:
  • The Diocese of Canterbury’s Communities and Partnerships Framework aims to empower parishes and deaneries to serve their communities by working in partnerships with others. The Framework has particular responsibility for rural and heritage issues, special interest groups, forging links with local authorities, other faith groups and with charities.