Mission, ministry and growth

Creative Mission Forum

The aim of the Creative Mission Forum is to build a learning network of people with a common interest in Creative Mission, Re-imagining Ministry and Fresh Expressions of church.  An important element of the Creative Mission Forum is the sharing of missional stories with each other. The Forum gives us a unique platform for collective learning.

Download notes from the September 2014 meeting: Insights from the Creative Mission Forum

Download notes from the March 2015 meeting: Creative Mission Forum March 2015

Download notes from September 2016 meeting on church buildings: Presentation from Nigel Walter.

Visit the webpage that we spoke about at the March 2017 meeting.

The next Creative Mission Forum is on 18th September 2017 at Seasalter Christian Centre, please save the date.

Mission Shaped Ministry

Canterbury and Rochester Dioceses and the South East District of the Methodist church are currently running a Mission Shaped Ministry Course which began in September 2016 and will run until July 2017  with nearly 35 students enrolled. Mission Shaped Ministry is an ecumenical learning journey which equips you for creative mission.  For more information about the MSM programme click here.

Mission Shaped Ministry is running locally in 2017-2018 in two locations – in Canterbury, and in Bluewater Shopping Centre. Funding is usually available for those applying from the Canterbury Diocese on the condition that the application is for a team and not an individual. To register interest please email hadams@diocant.org ASAP, this is especially important to reserve places and funding.

Please download the 2017/2018 flyer here with details of dates and venues.


Mission Action Plans

The General Synod of the Church of England commended Mission Action Planning at its July 2011 meeting. This has become the first resource in many of our Dioceses. Background information can be found at http://www.churchgrowthrd.org.uk/resources/results

Mission Accompaniment in the Diocese of Canterbury

Local Mission and Growth Advisor

To view the notice regarding the appointment of the new Local Mission and Growth Advisor, please click here.  As the post is not due to be filled until September 2017, all queries should be directed to colleagues in the Local Church Development Framework who are overseeing the work for the role and who would be more than happy to help you:

Peter Ingrams, Local Ministries and Growth Adviser, pingrams@diocant.org

Holly Adams, Training and Events Coordinator, hadams@diocant.org