Mission, Ministry and Growth

Local Mission and Growth Advisor

Steve was Team Rector of Whitstable and Vicar of Seasalter for 23 years.  As Mission and Growth Advisor his role is to help churches seek growth in numbers, depth and vitality.  He is developing Missional Learning Communities to enable churches to engage in God’s mission afresh today.   Contact Steve at sconeys@diocant.org  or on 01227 459401.

Missional Learning Communities (MLCs)

MLCs enable us to learn together in the practice of mission in a way which changes the culture of our churches.  If you join the MLC journey the outcome over time will be transformation of the local church through engagement in the mission of God. The kinds of changes we expect to see in churches engaging in this process are:

  • Leaders joyfully taking up missional roles
  • Corporate spiritual discernment of God’s mission
  • Increased lay ministry and leadership
  • Adoption of life-giving culture-shifting spiritual practices
  • Increased missional engagement with local communities
  • Church growth – in depth and numbers

A summary of this is growth in numbers, depth and vitality.
If you’d like to explore what MLCs might mean for you, speak to Steve Coneys and download the MLC leaflet and PowerPoint handout. For information on Missional Learning Community Resources please look at the Resources section below.

The Creative Mission Forum

Creative Mission Forums are open to everyone and take place two or three times a year, on different mission relate topics.  The Forum offers us a unique space for collective learning around creative mission, fresh expressions of Church (increasingly known as ‘new Christian communities’) and the re-imagination of ministry.  An important feature of the Creative Mission Forum is the sharing of missional stories and the question, ‘what are we learning here?’

Summer 2019 events

On Thursday 20 – Friday 21 June, Michael Moynagh will be leading a cluster of of mission related events.  He is leading thinker, writer and storyteller on how the church in our day is finding new ways to share God’s Love with People.  In his role as Director of Network Development and Consultant on Theology for the national Fresh Expressions team he draws together what is being learnt about fresh expressions of church, with the education, training and networking of future leaders.

What is the Spirit saying to the Churches?

Thursday 20 June, 10.00am-1.00pm (refreshments from 9.30am)
The Clagett Auditorium, Cathedral Education Centre, Canterbury  (map)

  • What is happening nationally in Fresh Expressions
  • Stories and Theology

This ticketed CMF event is now fully booked.

Conversation and informal consultancy

20 June, 1.30pm-3.30pm
The Boardroom, Diocesan House, Canterbury (map)

An opportunity for conversation with fellow practitioners and Michael Moynagh and Steve Coneys around fresh expressions of church and pioneering ministry.

Bookings have now closed

Tradition, Innovation, Discipleship: the Mission of the Church in the 21st Century

21 June, 9.30am-1.00pm (refreshments from 9.00am
The Clagett Auditorium, Cathedral Education Centre, Canterbury  (map)

What does discipleship look like in the 21st century?  How can the church hold together tradition and innovation in a life-giving way?  This is a crucial questions for all of us in the Diocese of Canterbury as we face the realities of our new mission era.

Bookings have now closed

Fresh Expressions and New Communities

Fresh Expressions are new forms of church that emerge within contemporary culture and engage primarily with those who don’t ‘go to church’.

Believing that God is already at work in the world, Fresh Expressions re-imagine how the Body of Christ can live and work in diverse and changing contexts.

Church Army research in 2013 suggested that there might be as many as 71 Fresh Expressions in the Diocese of Canterbury, representing 12.9% of the diocese’s usual Sunday attendance (uSa).  In 2016 George Lings calculated that Church Army’s survey of 20 dioceses showed 1109 Fresh Expressions of Church with approximately 50,000 people attending.

For information on Fresh Expression Resources please look at the Resources section below.


Discerning the Mission of God through Missional Learning Communities

  • P Keifert and N Rooms, Forming the Missional Church: Creating Deep Cultural Change in Congregations (Grove Pastoral P139, 2014)
  • Pat Keifert, We Are Here Now. (Eagle, Idaho: Allelon Publishing, 2007)

For a more detailed reading list contact Steve

Fresh Expressions

The Fresh Expressions website is the starting point. The latest research on Fresh Expressions can be found on the Church Army website.  In particular see the following downloadable materials.

Discerning the Mission of God in general

Growing the Church of God

Local Data Resources