Mission Resource Grants

Applications for mission grants for 2017 are now closed.  The deadline for applications for grants in 2018 is Tuesday 6 June 2017.

What can be funded?

Mission Resource Grants have been offered in the past couple of years for a wide variety of purposes. As long as you can demonstrate you are working effectively towards the Diocesan priorities, and consistent with your Deanery mission planning we are happy to consider your application. The Diocesan priorities are:

  • To grow the church numerically and spiritually
  • To re-imagine ministry
  • To build partnerships that enrich communities

In the last couple of years mission grants have contributed to:

  • Re-ordering works as part of projects to make buildings into community spaces.
  • Contribution to salaries of people to work with children and young people, sometimes in co-operation with outside agencies.
  • Funding for a Fresh Expression in a deprived area.
  • Contribution to the cost of employing a school chaplain.

This isn’t an exhaustive list! If you have great ideas and can convince us you can deliver we’d love to hear from you.

How can I apply?

Application forms and guidance notes:

The application needs to come from the Deanery rather than the parish. You will see that we expect to see a ‘business plan’. We are calling it a business plan for want of a better term, not to put you off applying for a grant. It is important. We have given you some notes on how to do it. If you have done it properly it will help sharpen up your thinking, and produce a much better plan of what you want to do, which we will find easier to fund.

When do applications need to be in?

Applications need to be submitted via email to Liz Mullins (emullins@diocant.org) by Monday, 6 June. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your application please be in touch with Liz.