Where do I start?

The Energy Footprint Tool (EFT) allows churches to enter their utility bills and find out their ‘carbon footprint’.

We strongly urge all churches to complete the tool which can be found on the Parish Return system.

The system uses information already held centrally about your church.  This means that only a small amount of additional information is required.  To complete the tool you will need to have the whole of last year’s electricity and gas/oil bills to hand.

The Energy Footprint Tool will tell your church how much carbon is produced annually through heating and lighting your church buildings.  There are two useful graphs that show you your efficiency scores: one for energy efficiency based on building size, and one for attendance.  It can take account of separate buildings, such as church halls, as long as you have separate utility bills for them.

Further information about the Energy Footprint Tool can be found on The Church of England Environment Programme web pages.

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