Meet the C and P Team

The Communities and Partnerships Team works to express our faith in God through working with community engagement and social justice.

Our portfolio evolves in response to times of crisis and includes migration and refugees, social issues of debt, hunger, homelessness, modern slavery and exploitation, the rehabilitation of ex-offenders and rural justice.

A main focus of our work is around environmental issues and ensuring the church is a key player in meeting government targets. 

We re-imagine church and ministry with our pioneering Ignite projects which are attended by many struggling with poverty and addiction. We build partnerships with many non-church organisations across the UK, Europe and as far as Madagascar in order to enrich our communities, share the Gospel and build the kingdom of God.

The Team has a range of expertise, as well as being linked into a wider network of diverse, knowledgeable and passionate people.

Get in touch with us via the email addreses below or call us on 01227 459401. 

Revd Dr Jonathan Arnold
Director of Communities and Partnerships

Karen Adams
Partnership Development Officer (part time)

Domenica Pecoraro 
Kent Refugee Projects Officer (part time)

Teresa Redfern
Diocesan Environment Officer and Chair of the Environment Working Group

Val Wallis
Together Kent Chair