Where do I start?

On this page you will find some simple steps to help start you to become an Eco Church and to work towards net zero carbon emissions.

Eco Church

Maidstone Deanery has put together ‘Eco Church in 10 easy steps’.

Steps to net zero

For churches that are not sure how to kick off the process towards net zero carbon, there is a one page guide with some key links on what to do and where to start: ‘Steps for churches who are looking to work towards net zero’.

Maidstone Deanery have also produced a guide on ‘Steps to becoming carbon neutral by 2030’.

Both guides will lead you towards the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2030.   

Practical path to net zero

The two-page ‘Practical path to net zero’ summarises the scope of our work to achieve net zero carbon in our churches. 

Church Energy Footprint Tool

The Energy Footprint Tool (EFT) is a national Church of England tool for churches to record energy use and calculate their annual carbon emissions.  In order to track progress towards net zero emissions, we need to measure the energy used in our various buildings (such as our churches and church halls).  The tool simply requires churches to enter information from their utility bills for the previous year in order to calculate their ‘carbon footprint’. Find out more about this tool, along with instructions and videos, here.


There are many up and coming and also pre-recorded webinars on the Church of England Environment Programme web pages covering a range of net zero carbon topics.

Who do I contact if I need some help and advice?

Email Karen Adams who will be able to point you in the right direction.

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