Diocesan Action

Buildings, energy & water

  • We're working to adopt the national standards for environmental considerations when improving parsonage housing
  • We will undertake an energy rating for all of our parsonages and feed this information in to inform decision making on improvements and on which properties to retain
  • We will respond sympathetically to home owners pursuing energy/water saving projects within their homes, subject to agreement
  • We're encouraging churches to sign up to the Eco Church scheme
  • We're working towards improving our rating as an Eco Diocese
  • We're considering how our office spaces might become more energy efficient, produce less waste and be more accessible for all

Land & green space

  • Encourage churches to enter competitions and engage with local school schools in their environment projects
  • Be aware that the Green Pilgrimage Network can add value to our parishes/areas and give opportunities for greater use
  • Encourage awareness of schemes that use land creatively, such as Incredible Edible and other community allotment and garden projects

Meetings, hospitality, food & waste

  • We do our best to source fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or local produce for hospitality, wherever we can
  • All of our events refreshments use Fairtrade products
  • All of the tea, coffee and sugar we purchase for use at Diocesan House is Fairtrade
  • Wherever possible, we plan diocesan meetings and events at venues accessible by public transport and by people with disabilities
  • We will consider developing a transport/car sharing plan and make this known to staff members to discourage solo car journeys
  • We are conscious of our material usage and make ethical and bulk purchases wherever possible
  • We are seeking to reduce the amount of paper we use in our offices and for meetings

Local & global communities

  • We are exploring conversation with the Diocese of Madgascar to understand how we can best support them in the face of climate change
  • We will continue to support Christian Aid and their work
  • We will look to understand how we can best help with the refugee crisis